My website built with Foundry!

##Source Order Web Design

I built this site using Foundry toward the end of the beta period. It was that great, so I was confident to publish the site. I used a couple of the other Elixir Graphics stacks also, Animagic and Ivy 2.


Thank you for sharing. I really like your site - especially the very clear design and the choice of colors! A good point is the recommendation for RW/Writer. Are you still satisfied with it?

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This is a great looking site @Steve_J! Clean design with nice whitespace. Very well put together!! Look forward to seeing more things you and everyone else it building with Foundry.

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Yes, very sastified. The only drawback to it is that there is not a way to import or export your content at this time. It i s on the road map though.

Steve, Congratulations, the site is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate. :point_up:

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@davidwm Thank you very much!

Hi Steve, your site is great. Are you accepting website design clients? Thanks, Mimi

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