Nav Bar different in edit mode and in Preview


First of all, I would like to thank the Foundry creator, it’s such nice, even if i’m not a web designer (but would love to still learn and learn).

My problem is that the Nav Bar created is different (current page : text is orange in edit mode) and all is still black in preview mode
Edit Mode (what I want it to look like) :

Sorry, no ability to download 2 pictures for me, as newbie.

I extracted the same navbar from the partial and put it elsewhere, the result is still the same (edit mode : OK whereas preview mode not correct)

I don’t know why and I would be very happy to get advice as my website is not published yet, it is still in local mode.

Thanks a lot for your help and best regards,

Thanks for the kind words on Foundry!

First thing to check right off the bat is if you’re using the correct theme. Make sure you’ve selected the Foundry theme.


I got the answer, in Release Notes, downloaded the FOUNDRY theme and all is perfect now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a wonderful day.

Best Regards,

Good to hear. The theme also comes as a part of the download when you purchase Foundry.