Nav bar dropdown child items not showing

I’ve set up my Nav bar in the Topper area of Partitions but only one of the six or so drop down items in “Christmas” appears. Seems like somehow there’s just not enough room for them all.

Attaching screenshot.
The lorem ipsum is in the main content area
Suggestions very welcome as always

It looks to me you had the same I did, I had it placed inside a Background tool, so the Nav Bar is effectively underneath the content immediatly below it. Instead I put the Nav Bar in a Container and then used Blacksmith with a background colour stylesheet applied that to the Container. Try that it should work.

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@Phloque Please send me a copy of your project file that contains this problem so I can have a look at how you’ve configured it.

Thanks Adam I’ve sent the file to the only address I had - - but that doesn’t seem right.

No, that’s definitely not right since that is literally a noreply email address. :rofl:

The one that you want is adam at elixirgraphics dot com or just send it in a PM here on the forum.

Sent to adam at
How do I access the PM for sending you files in future?

Click on the avatar and there will be an option for messaging

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Thanks but Adam was wanting me to send the project file and I couldn’t see how to do that.

Put the project on Dropbox (or similar).
Make the file ‘shared’.
Send Adam the LINK by PM.

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@Phloque – The Topper section (actually all sections) of the Partitions tool has the CSS overflow property set to hidden. That is what prevents you from seeing the drop down, as the Topper’s overflowing content, in this case the drop down, is being hidden. I can look at adding an option for this in the Topper section’s settings in the future perhaps.