Nav Bar - How Access Parent Page w/ One Child

When using the nav bar with out a child page it works great. Click on the the parent page you go to that page.

Add a child page to the same parent page and when you click the original parent link on the nav bar drops down and you can now only access the child link; no way to click to access the original parent link

What are we over looking? How do we access the parent link?

Please do a search on the forum above. This has been covered in the past many times.

Thank you for the suggestion.
We did so before asking the question :grinning:. We also checked the Foundry documentation and video and did not find a clear and definitive answer before asking our question.

Your assistance is greatly appreciate.

NOTE - Just did a second search and we only pulled back our unanswered question.

Just searched for “parent” and returned this —

“The parent items in the navigation bar serve as placeholders for the child-level items. They are not accessible from the navigation. This was in an effort to make sure the navigation was compatible on as wide a variety as possible of different mobile devices.”

Okay, let us build a complete answer from your original answer above. I understand the Parent becomes the Place Holder. With that in mind, what is the best practice for setting up and publishing the parent page as a non-accessible place holder?

  1. Is it best to set up the parent page as a blank page, other than naming Parent’s Title of the place holder page?
  2. What is the suggested publishing setting the Parent Page? Assuming you want us to use the parent placeholder page, only a place holder.
  3. What’s your suggestion for setting up the RW General Settings? For BEST SEO PRACTICE: Which boxes do we check on, and which do we check off? Do we fill in the meta data? (a) Browser Title? (b) Folder? © File? If so do you have naming guidelines?
  4. Under the Meta Tag Section in RW which Robot settings do we check on and which do we check off?
  5. is there a benefit of adding a “meta disruption”

I appreciate your Patience, I hope you understand I have come to far to screw is up now! : :smiley:

Hi, just disable “index this page” and disable “Generate Social Tags”. This page should not be taken into account by google, but links should be followed. So there is no need for a meta description for this page.

I normally add some info on this page, just in case a curious visitor enters the address manually into the browser.

You should therefore enter the browser title and folder name.

Keep the “Show in navigation” checked, otherwise the parent page will not be displayed in the navigation.