Nav. Bar link text to startpage empty


I am currently improving the SEO of my website:

I am using the Nav. Bar for the navigation. The links pointing to the startpage have an empty link text.

  • Example: the startpage is named HALLO in my site. The link to the startpage works, but the text for this link is empty.

  • Example: The third page is called REFERENZEN and the link to this page includes the text Referenzen.

Is there a way to include the text for the links to the startpage as well?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Below you’ll see the code for both of the links you mention:

Maybe I’m not understanding what you classify as “link text.”

Just following up on this post @Fuellemann to see if you had more details.

Thanks not yet. I am still investigating …

Can you let me know what you are referring to by “link text?”

If I know what you’re talking about I can help further. Use the screenshot I posted to show me what part you’re referring g to or provide your own screenshot.