Nav. Bar on home page different

Hey All,

I have identical Nav Bar stacks on a few pages, but on the home page, it does not render properly.

Here is a link to the site I am developing,

Thanks for any insight you can send my way.

You’re not using the correct theme on that page it looks like.

Of course! I shifted from another framework and forgot that one stop.


Not a problem at all. Always happy when it is an easier one to troubleshoot. :grin::+1:

Thanks Adam,

I do have one additional question now that I have the correct theme selected (doh) I am using​ Mega Modal on that same page. I have a .png in the trigger image but only the button renders. Am I missing something?


Have you switched the Trigger Type in the settings from Button to Image?

Addendum – that setting is found in the General section of the Mega Modal settings: Mega Modal Documentation

Ah ha! Of course, I can’t believe I messed the drop-down!

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

Not a problem at all. :+1: