Nav Bar third Level?


Is it possible to have a third level (a second drop down) in the Nav Bar ?
Presently you have only one drop down.

Nav bar only shows the first level and the second one as a drop down.
I would like to have a third level.

I also notice that it’s not possible to scroll drop down, if you you have a lot of entries, on a small screen only the top items are visible it’s not possible to access to the last entries.

By the way, congratulations for your work,


Hi there @beretrouge!

The Navigation Bar supports one parent level and one child level. A third level is not supported as I found it becomes rather cluttered on mobile devices.

I suspect it is because you’re using the sticky navigation function of the stack? If you’d like to post a URL or Project file for me to look at I can tell you more definitely why it is occurring though.

Hi Adam, yes indeed I understand that it can be rather cluttered on mobile devices, however, it would be good to have the option to do so on certain projects. It would be great if you could consider it in a future update somewhere.


@TINO – that isn’t something I will be changing on the Navigation Bar or Mega Menu stacks any time in the near future.

Ok thanks for your answer.
You’re right I use sticky navigation.
Here is the url (work in progress)

Okay, Adam, it was just to know.

Even though Nav Pro does not support second level navigation, it still attempts to display the second level drop-down if its child pages are set to Show in navigation. This causes issues accessing the other child level pages below the second level parent. Anyway, is there a way to keep Nav Pro from attempting to display the drop-down without the need to set the second level child pages to not show in navigation? Hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks.

You’ll want to set those pages to not show in navigation in the Page Inspector.

Will do. Thanks for the quick response!