NavBar Foundry v1 Question

I am using Foundry v1.3.4.6, RW8.5.1 and Stacks 3.5

I have a question about the Nav Bar and the toggle item.

I have created a 5 page website (

On iPhone the toggle has the three bars FA icon and drops down with the menu structure but on iPad it bunches the 5 pages tabs onto a second line and blocks some of the content at the top of each page.

Is there a way to control the breakpoint at which the toggle bars come in as it looks to only work at teh iPhone breakpoint.

I had look at Foundry v2 video for NavBar Pro and it doesn’t look to have a breakpoint setting

Many Thanks

Hi there @Tildster

The breakpoints are based on widths, as you know, and not devices. The iPad breakpoint you’re referring to is likely the landscape view or seen on a larger iPad, correct?

That said, the breakpoints cannot be changed on a per-stack basis. This is to ensure uniformity of the breakpoints throughout the page and site.

Hi Adam

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using an iPad (5th Gen) and when I am in Portrait mode the five menu items get pushed to a line under the site title (As in the screen shot above). If I flip to landscape mode there is enough room to fit the site title and menu items on the same line.

Guess what I am asking is that when the site title in the nav bar and menu items clash on the same line is it possible to set Nav Bar so that the menu toggle icon appears on iPad like it does on mobile?

Thanks for your patience and support

No, that is not possible. You might look at Navigation Bar Pro though, as you have more flexibility with it: Navigation Bar Pro Documentation

Does Nav Bar Pro in Foundry v2 prevent the menu items being pushed to a second line as in Nav Bar v1?

Watch the video on the documentation page. It shows how you can set different navigation types at bifferent breakpoint.