NavBar - menu does not scroll enough on mobile


if you use this website on mobile:

you will see that the menu called Medizinisch orientierte Kosmetik will not scroll through all items. The list ends at the bottom of the screen. When I try to scroll the menu, I will actually scroll the content behind the menu. Only when the items behind the menu are scrolled through to the end, can I scroll the menu items as well.

What can I do so that the menu will scroll through all items and not the content behind the menu?

Thank you

Drop downs cannot scroll when you are using Sticky Navigation. It is stuck in place because of the choice to use Sticky Navigation.

You could try:

  • Use fewer items in that drop down. As many know, I am a proponent of not showing every single page on a site in the navigation. It is not needed. There are other ways to organize pages and navigation. I feel like too many items showing in the nav is a disservice to visitors.

  • Turn off sticky navigation.

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