Navbar Menu Styling?

How is styling applied to the menus in the NavBar. I can see where I can change the size of the font, but nothing else, what is the basis for the styling of these menus?

Is it even something that can be changed as I would really like to change the weight if possible and also use a Google Font!

You can override the font and use a Google font if desired. Just select override font. See the screenshot. Hope this helps.

From what I can tell this only applies to the branding when displayed in the NavBar! At least that is what happens if I change these settings.

You’re right. The settings apply to the Branding only not the navigation items themselves. That is determined by the base font in the main Foundry base settings. This issue was brought up in beta but the reasoning behind leaving it out was that the code and multiple calls to the Google Fonts CDN would significantly slow these sites down.

If you are comfortable using custom css, you can get around this by trying:

.navigation_bar { font-family:[your google font]; font-weight:[your chosen weight]; }

Thanks, I will try that out. I don’t normally like to use custom code, but in this case I feel I have no choice. To me it seems a shortcoming in Foundry to not be able to control the font for the menu navigation. I had experimented by modifying the base font in Foundry and it certainly allowed me to get what I wanted in the menus, but at the expense of a much more messed up content, so I ruled that approach out.

My feeling is this should be addressed in Foundry in someway as there are times when it makes sense to customize the font!

Allowing a separate font in the Navigation Bar is on the to-do list already. As @webinjection points out I’ve left the custom font control for Google-based fonts out of a lot of stacks, only including it in the most necessary places as I didn’t want to have an excess of calls to the Google CDN, plus the more fonts you load (and it doesn’t take many) from Google Fonts, the slower your site is going to be. I’ve tried to limit their use in Foundry so that users don’t run into this problem. I have plans, though they’re just an idea on paper right now, for a centralized Google Fonts stack. But that is down the line and will require a good deal of work and testing.

I can appreciate wanting to keep CDN calls to a minimum. With Google fonts I only use one family and 3 different weights to keep it simple. So for the navigation I only wanted to change the weight of the font, in effect overriding the weight of the Goggle font set in Foundry!

If this is already on the to-do list I will wait to see what shows up in the future!

Yep. It is filed in the issue tracker. Won’t be addressed in the next update, but it is on the list.