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Hi there!

Before jumping on board with using a free form like Foundry, I was suggested to ask forum users how have they made working drop down multi-language menu (sometimes called mobile menu).

Obviously, Tsjoo’s RWML is often used and has great support.
Also, JoeWorkman’s Agent with persists feature is used, at least with Foundation.

As I am interested in using Foundry I would love to have your feedback and see some examples of a multi-language mobile menu that you have created :slight_smile:

Hello @TapioMichael

Do you have any example URL online where we can check this live?
That would help us give you a clear answer.


Thank you @vmcosta

Here’s a site I’ve made with Voyage Pro + RWML

Obviously being a new weaver I have gained experience only with using themes, and thus do not know how easy or difficult it would be to make them with Foundry.

However lately I’ve found making language switch this manner is a bit problematic SEO vice and hence I am might have to go for multisite’s with subdirectories (separate project files). In this case, I take it making basic mobile menus is easy, right?

Hi @TapioMichael

Probably the most common approach to creating a multilingual site is to branch your site at the top level and have different folders for each language option.

  • would be a simple splash screen asking visitors to choose a language (which would simply be links to…)
  • would be the home page for the English version of the site
  • would be the home page for the French version of the site, and so on.

You would then build out your pages as normal. This offers a lot of flexibility to present your content differently for different audiences, and enables you to localize your site, not just translate it.

Basically having 1 project file for each language, that publish to different subdirectories.

Maybe there are other ways to do it, this is just one.

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Hi, I am trying to do taht but I am not quite sure of what you mean. Do I have to have different prjects for each language or simply put the Folders in the same Project? I don’t understand how to structure this…can you send me a screenshot maybe?
Do I have diffente “Home” for each language?
I am usind tesla pro right now but I am not really amazed about it. I am thinking about ruibilding the Website with Foundry to have more flexibility.
Thanks for any help!

Hi! I would love to help you as well as I can.

Basically, there are two ways to build multilanguage pages.

  1. By using a stack, like RWML or Agent, that enables you to build multiple languages on the same project file page. I build my page with RWML. When the page is published it shows only one langue at a time, and whoever visits your page can switch language by clicking a button on it. This way you need only one project file.

Building multilanguage page in RW happens so, that instead of having only one box of text let’s say for English you have another one for your desired language. That applies to every text on your pages. Photo below.
Stack does not translate your writing for you, and honestly, we don’t want that it would use something like Googe Translate.

It is a bit more complicated than that for you need to have translations to work on your drop menu (some call it mobile menu) and for contact forms also. Photo below. For this RWML Stack provides stacks as well. For me, this was the most confusing part, but the good news is that there is a new version of stack available! Using partials is essentially needed. You will get a gist of it fast for there are great tutorial videos for it.

Project file pages In this case 3 bottom pages are for making language switch to work.

Project pages

By clicking either langue also mobile menu language changes

There are good tutorials and developers are giving great customer support.

Few important things to consider, it will save a tons time for you
Please notice that when using template + multilanguage stack + possible another third party plugin, they might not all work together. For instance, I had to chance contact form stack for I didn’t get them work together. Let me know what you had in mind, I might be able to help you or contact directly developer. I recommend contacting multilanguage stack developer of your choice for compatibility questions.

And for heaven’s sake remember that RWML uses cookies to enable language switch. When you have moved from developing locally to developer your page online (it is published trough server) and test page with your web browser - remember to empty your browser’s cache after every chance you made on your published project file! Often people have different browsers for a different use. I lost a lot of valuable time and it drove me almost crazy to have weird alterations or do not have any chance in my page because of memory cache. Might be also a good idea to turn cache off from the server side. Anyway ‘regular’ visitor on your page does not jump between languages so caching is not problematic for them, only for you for development and whoever might test your site. Actually, it has a feature that makes your browers remember your choise of language for next visitation, which many visitors might like. Because of using cookies many countries might require statement of that your site is using them but it might not be actually required by the law of your coutry, not even in EU.

  1. Another way is more ‘old school’, to have the project file for each language. The benefit of this is that you can have your domain endings changed as well for another language. What I know of RW do not have a plugin to ‘change’ domains like Wordpress have.

I do not see that this way has much more work than using a multilanguage stack.

The downside is that, if your service provider is running Nginx server, you are able to have few languages project files per site but running five or more will be problematic. Or so I heard.

And for my closing statement, I am not using Foundry yet and don’t see it necessary for multilanguage pages development but might more give flexibility and free you from template compatible issues.

Word about SEO
If you are into Search Engine Optimization, word is that using a stack like RWML and that it does not change domain endings into another language is not such a big deal for SEO vice. My take, as a beginner, that building site from content first prospect should not be problematic when using a multilanguage stack. It might be a tad more difficult to keep your ‘content flow’ when you have many different languages on same project file page. But for this, you can collapse stack windows or even get a stack that helps to organize/keep stacks manageable on your RW edit mode.


Here’s a screenshot of the mobile menu after I clicked EN option. You might even use flags instead of letter codes, depends on your template’s compatibility. There is a good tutorial that also takes consideration that should we use pictures of flags instead of language letter combination. Region vs Language.

Language switches can be inserted different areas of your page not just in mobile menu.

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Hi, thanks a lot! I have used RWML v2 on the Tesla Pro theme and I realized that it didn’t work well at all. I am of course using third-party stacks as well, but it simply didn’t change the language when I uploaded it. Offline it looked simply great though. I am considering in using a splash page now…I guess it is better, what do you think? I didn’t purchase Foundry jet, but I really miss some flexibility with Tesla Pro. Are you familiar with splash pages?

I suspect that you may have both an index.php and an index.html file in your uploaded site’s folder(s). You can use your FTP software to login and rectify this, deleting the HTML version. That being said, if you’re not comfortable digging through a bunch of folders on your site doing that you may just remove what you’ve uploaded, as a whole, and republish.

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Personally, I have not used splash pages. I think there are place and time for them but I wouldn’t go there just to fix a development issue, but rather if that is required for a customer like multinational corporation etc.

Elixirgraphics made the exellcent point that also gave a headache to me:

I would add few tips:

  1. Get FTP-client you really like. I am using Transmit. It’s free test period clock got permanently stuck :smiley:
  2. Macbundler offers sometimes very affordable deals, I got YummyFTP Pro with few bucks
  3. If you don’t have it already, you need an access code to server from your service provider for FTP.
  4. Like Elixirgraphics said, if you got index.php and index.html file in same uploaded project file it will make a problem. Like it was said, the easiest way is to use FTP-client to wipe all of the projet files on the server and upload it again completely trough RW’s publish. Took me too long to realize that RW does not remove anything from your server even you are publishing your files again after complete revamp of a project file. Please note, that if you have already published your site trough server service provider - do not remove configuration a file they have added to your project folder on a server. In that case, you need to use FTP-client to remove all other files but keep folder and that certain file and simply re-publish your project there. At this point might be as handy just to remove that one certain file by FTP-client.

Please forgive me if this is too elementary, I wish to leave some pointers people like me who are beginners and are searching the forum for info. Hope it will help.

Hi thanks for the reply and please forgive for a late reply.
Here’s a link to multilanguage site I made recently.
From the mobile menu click EN and then click mobile menu again to see language switch. Naturally, I am interested if Foundry gives more flexibility for embed language switches, like on top menu with text or photos and same with mobile menu. I believe extra content area wouldn’t be a problem.