Navigation Bar - Foundry 3

In Navigation Bar (Foundry 3), Is it possible to give a left margin for the logo and repeat the exact spacing for sticky navigation?

I tried using the spacing stack. It works in a standard navigation bar, but when it sticks to the top, the margin for the logo is not visible.

Kindly advice.

Sreejith S

Sticky navigation is removed from any wrapping elements and stuck to the top of the page when using sticky navigation. This is why placing it within a Spacing tool will not affect the stuck navigation.

Provide us with a link to the live page and we’ll see if we can’t advise a way to help you out with a Blacksmith stylesheet.

I think having the option to have a margin for the logo and the navigation element, either combined or separately, would solve the issue.

Hi @Sree – Being that it is not an option, the path forward would be to provide the requested items so that I can assist you. If that isn’t a path you’d like to take that is OK too, just let me know.

Have a look at the included Blacksmith Stylesheet in this project file. You can either copy it to your project or recreate it yourself.


Thanks. It worked.
I never knew abt it. Will experiment more with Black Smith.


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