Navigation Bar in Foundry 3

Upgraded to Foundry 3 the other day and managed to watch a few tutorial videos and also get started on re-building my main website today. It’s a Foundry 2 site with about 330 pages so will take a while but there’s no rush as the current website works perfectly well.

I wasn’t sure about upgrading at first as I saw it meant rebuilding but I’m glad I did Foundry 3 is amazing. I’m blown away by the sheer amount of options.

I’ve watched the Navigation Bar video twice now so have a pretty good idea of how it works but have one question as this is quite different from Foundry and Foundry 2.

In the General Settings in Rapidweaver there is a ’Show in navigation’ checkbox. I assume this no longer needs to be checked or unchecked as all navigation is now handled by the Navigation Bar stack?

Correct. The Navigation Bar stack in Foundry 3 is self-curated, so it does not rely on RapidWeaver’s ‘Show in navigation’ checkbox. It does not matter if it’s checked or unchecked. You just add the pages to it.


Yes, but unchecked pages don’t appear in the sitemap.xml file.


Excellent point and can be easily overlooked, it may be worth @elixirgraphics adding this point to the Nav Bar documentation.

This is built in functionality to RapidWeaver itself and isn’t related to Foundry 3, so I don’t know that my documentation would be a good place. :person_shrugging:

I just mean’t from the point that people could easily neglect or forget to tick the include in navigation button when using a navigation tool that has manually added links so really just to act as a reminder that even though they don’t need to use the button anymore for creating a menu this way any more with the F3 Nav Bar that should still consider enabling it for their sitemap.

This has always been the case with every ‘Mega Menu’ type stack, including in F2. It’s not Adam’s job to teach Web Design.

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No worries, fair enough, just thought it is something helpful when somebody is scratching their head for sake of a sentence.

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Or how to use Rapidweaver for that matter

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No worries, its no major problem, just an idea for those that might not realise the relevance of site map after using RW page structure as the basis for their navigation in the past. Seriously don’t worry, it was not my intention to rattle any cages, shush… nobody has to say anything, lets keep it secret to people that are new to this sort of thing :joy:

I don’t think anyone was suggesting it should be a secret. :joy::joy: As it is I already do the work of multiple people. As you can see I’m doing support from my phone on a Sunday. It is probably better that I don’t document RapidWeaver’s features, settings, etc. and leave that for Realmac’s own Knowledge Base site.