Navigation bar items highlighted

Weavers space has an one page stack called Rails. Rails Stack for RapidWeaver

What I like with this stack ist, that when scrolling down the page the navigation position is highlighted (red) in the nav bar.
I made my navigation bar sticky. Is it possible do do it like in the rails stack?

here you see my draft page:

CU Uli

I believe what you’re looking for is Foundry’s Slipstream tool.

Thanks. This is very similar to Rails. But I guess that Rails and Slipstream are designed for small devices. My customers use for 90% desktop PC or Mac. Therefore I like to use navigation bar to have the menu sticky on the top and use the width of the monitors.
Maybe you can implement this feature in the next release of foundry.

cu Uli

You’re referring to anchor-based navigation items I believe. This is already possible with the Navigation Bar tool.

You would use this in conjunction with the Anchor tool, also found in Foundry.

Yes! I did it already. But to show in the navigation bar where I am on the page is very sexy. But I can live without it. It is only nice to have.

Like in F2 with the mega menu. I will add this to the feature wish list in case it can be done at some time in the future…

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