Navigation Bar Pro - items jump horizontally when logo is displayed

There is a very undesirable behavior with Navigation Bar Pro that I’d like to solve:

I have the menu items on the left and a site logo also on the left.
3 of the navigation items are set up to open new pages, one scrolls down to an anchor. Each new page has the same Nav. Bar Pro with the same logo setup.

When the new page comes up, the navigation items start out all the way to the left. Then they jump a bit to the right to make room for the site logo. This staggered loading doesn’t look very professional.

Am I missing something here or is this the way Navigation Bar Pro loads things? I don’t remember the simple Navigation Bar in Foundry doing that.

Thank you so much in advance.

I’ve just loaded those pages several times and do not see this happening. If you have a slow internet connection and the image takes a second to load this could happen, but that is just content on a page loading. If you want to share a project file I can look at it to make sure you’re not doing anything weird with the stack.

I don’t know if you’re doing this already, but if you want to help the speed of the image file loading, you can use the Remote Image feature for your logo, which would mean the image would be cached from page to page.

Honestly though, I didn’t see this behavior any time I loaded any of your pages.

I will do some more experimenting. Thank you.