Navigation Bar Pro - Names / items closer together?

I love the way the new Navigation Bar Pro allows us to create a single page navigation system.
But I could swear the old Navigation Bar had the items / names closer together. The new Pro bar spaces them out quite a bit. Is there any way to change that behavior? CSS?

This is the way it looks by default:

And this is what I’d like to achieve:

Thanks so much in advance.

Can you delete the padding?

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Thank you for the suggestion. Where can horizontal and vertical padding be adjusted? I could not find it anywhere.

Those settings are found in the Navigation Bar Pro’s Navigation Items settings. The documentation for Navigation Bar Pro can be found here, which outlines the features you’re looking for.

CleanShot 2020-07-15 at 13.11.35

Found it. Thank you so much, @elixirgraphics !

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Sure thing. I try to cover all of the settings in the documentation pages.

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