Navigation bar top-level menu items in breadcrumb

Hi! I’m building a website with Foundry. I’m using the navigation bar with some items (parent) that have sub-items (child). I know that the parent items are there only to facilitate the drop down menu and they are not linked to anything, but they are clickable and linked to their respective pages (blank pages, only there for building the menu hierarchy) in the breadcrumb stack!
How can I solve this problem? Thanks…

Hey there @SalDeF!

The Breadcrumb is something that is automatically generated by RapidWeaver. It doesn’t know that the parent level items are placeholders in that particular stack and it doesn’t really have any way of detecting that. I can look at the possibility of adding in some code to possibly strip the links of some of the breadcrumb items, but it isn’t likely going to be a good solution since it isn’t something that will work for all cases. Nowadays most sites don’t really need a breadcrumb trail. I added it to Foundry mostly because it is still a part of RapidWeaver. That being said I will take a deeper look at it though.

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Thank you @elixirgraphics for the answer.
I think it would be a good idea to strip the links from the “parent” items in the breadcrumb trail…
Although most of the sites does not use a breadcrumb trail, I think it’s an added value in terms of accessibility and clarity for users.
I hope to see this feature in a future update, but in the meantime I have to find an alternative…

Like I mentioned, I’ll look into it. I don’t suspect there will be a good solution as if I strip the parent links off then navigation systems like the Slide Navigation that do allow parent links would then not have parent links in the breadcrumb. Once I have a chance to look at it I’ll know better. Right now I have some higher priority things on the todo list, but I will have a look at the situation.

So I’m working on this today and wanted a bit of feedback on how this could work.

I can write it so that it when enabled it will always strips the link from the 2nd item in the Breadcrumb trail (the first link is always the Home page). This would disallow people from clicking parent level items for the Navigation Bar. But it feels clumsy in that it would get rid of the link on all of the page links for anything in that 2nd slot.

So I was thinking that perhaps something like this would work best so that you can change it on a page-by-page basis:

This would allow you to choose which links within the breadcrumb trail to disable.



In my opinion yes indeed it would be a good option as this :+1:

I think that the ability to choose which link to disable on a page-by-page basis is a very good idea… :+1:

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That`s it! And a lot more characters to say the same!