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Hey there. I am just building a website for a customer with the great foundry theme. Its the 3rd time using this theme now and its really fantastic. Now, one of my customers ask me, if it is possible to get away the “arrow right” next to the navigation point when there are pages under this point (first-level pages). Hope, you know what i mean and hope my english is good enough for this forum :wink: Thanks a lot in advance.

I think I understand what you’re asking. You wish to remove the indicator arrow on the parent-level navigation items. Parent-level items have the arrow appended to the title to indicate that they have child-level items. Unfortunately there is not an option that allows you to toggle that off in the Navigation Bar stack.

Thank you for your fast answer. Thats exactly what i mean. If there is no possibility i have to use maybe an other theme but i don´t want because there are lots of things in foundry i like to use for this project. I will ask my customer again if he could live with this indicators … Thanks again.

I’m not a guru, but you could try this:

nav.navigation_bar ul > li > a.parent::after { font-family: inherit !important; content: ''; padding-left: 0 !important; }

It worked for me.

Hi, i have a solution now. Thanks all.

Great, what is your solution?

Yeah, Great! Easy ask for an help then … f

Hi, I’m not a web designer, just an artist & poet making her website. I would really like that arrow right on the nav bar to be an arrow down. Is there any way I can easily accomplish this? It’s about the visual logic - the drop-down menu is actually nested underneath the main-level page. Thanks…

Hi Brenda,

You can put this CSS in the site-wide CSS code:

nav.navigation_bar ul > li > a.parent::after {
content: ‘\f107’ !important;

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Thank you, David! It works like a charm. Except that it has rendered the page, under which those sub-pages are listed, inactive, invisible, non-existent (it’s fine in editing mode in RapidWeaver, only on the WEB I get nothing but the drop-down menu). I’ve deleted the code and the page is still not appearing.

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Hi Brenda,

That sounds like perhaps there was problem with publishing. I can’t see how that CSS could possibly do what you’re describing as all it is doing is replacing the right facing font awesome carat with the downward font awesome carat. I’ve used it with no problems for months, as have several others.

Please try ‘republishing all files’ and post the URL for your site. Then we will be able to figure what the problem is.

Hi David, Re-publishing made no difference. My site is and the ‘missing’ page can be found by url: but it inaccessible via the navigation bar, which only shows the drop-down menu - could the nav bar be the issue? Thanks, Brenda

Hi Brenda, looking good :+1: apart of the missing page.
Which stack have you been using for the events calendar?


[Edit: OK - I see what your problem is. In fact it’s not a problem, but the way the Nav Bar works in Foundry. If you have a sub-page, the parent is disabled and only acts as a placeholder. If you search in the Forum here for ‘parent’ there are a couple of posts about that. It is also in the Foundry documentation. You will have to change your navigation plan and perhaps make your main ‘Books’ page another sub-page of the “Books” parent menu.]

The page(s) and nav bar appear to be working fine as you can see in the screenshot below. Unless I’m missing seeing something that is additional to what you mentioned, the nav bar seems to be functioning properly. Are there other sub-pages, or just the the two pages under ‘Books’? That drop-down is working fine for me, and opens both book sub-pages.

You are most likely not seeing the pages because your browser cache is holding onto the previous version of your site before you added the sub-pages, which is normal browser behavior. Please clear the cache in your browser and reload the page and then you will see the updated pages. Alternatively, if you reload the page 3-4 times, you usually can see the updated pages, or you can also try viewing the site in another browser which you haven’t already used to view your site.

If you want to be certain the CSS code is not causing any problems, just remove it and re-publish all pages, and then clear your browser cache. You should then see the right-facing carat in the “Books” menu as it was previously. The only thing that CSS code can effect is the sub-menu indicator carat.

Hi Tino, Gumroad’s Event Calendar: Event Calendar Stack by Rapid Ideas. It’s nice, isn’t it. Brenda

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Hi David, Yes, that is the issue - the parent page is disabled. Perhaps my browsers were holding older caches, but when I first created the menu for the subpages, the parent page was still the landing page. Then it disappeared.

Is there any way to re-enable the parent page? I have made it a sub-page, but it doesn’t look all that good - & I’ll have to figure out what to name it so it appears intentional.

Also, one request for the Foundry videos… & this may not be the best thread for it. When I did the Rapidweaver tutorials, I was able to re-size the YouTube window so that I could easily see it in detail and have my RapidWeaver site open so I could follow along and do whatever the tutorial was about (on my 27" iMac).

The Foundry tutorial page, by contrast, has Vimeo embeds that cannot be resized. The only option is the tiny window or full-screen. I couldn’t find the tutorials on Vimeo to resize the video window there. So I have to watch them full-screen, pause, esc, go to Rapidweaver, test or try the lesson, click back, full-screen, play… it’s taking so much longer than it should & I may be missing steps and details.

Just a request for either the urls for the tutorials on Vimeo so one can resize there, or resizable video embeds. We should be able to follow along as we work through these tutorials seeing both ours and Foundry’s screens simultaneously.

Would make it easier anyhow.

Thanks for the explanation about the disabled parent page if there are sub-pages,

best, Brenda

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Yes indeed, thanks Brenda :slight_smile:

Hi @brendaclews – No, there is not a way to enable the links on the parent pages. They’re turned into placeholders when the have child pages purposefully to help increase the Navigation Bar’s compatibility across a larger number of mobile devices, both old and new.

As for the Tutorials – I prefer not to keep the tutorials in one place and that is on the Foundry site itself. I can look at increasing the page’s usefulness, as I have some tweaks in the works for the site, but it will not be immediately.

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Hi Elixirgraphics, Thank you for helping me understand parent pages. And I fully agree with keeping the tutorials on one page, but a way to re-size the videos, perhaps in a pop-up, would make following along with/while building a test webpage much easier. I am bowled over by Foundry and am very happy with the website I have under construction. Thank you!!! Brenda