Navigation Overlay examples

I’m loving the Navigation Overlay stack. I’m considering using it as the main navigation in a couple of new websites I’ll start working on soon. I’ve just been playing around with it, but I’m wondering if there are any real-world examples people can share about how they’ve incorporated this style of navigation into one of their websites.

Any examples would be much appreciated. And, any warnings/caveats would likewise be welcome.

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I used it here at for a single level menu. I prefer it to the traditional mobile drop down menu used in Nav bar, as it has instant impact and I think works well for the right type of sites.

Gary: Nice example. I actually have Project8 but hadn’t looked it over in mobile view. I definitely prefer Nav Overlay for simpler sites in mobile. What I’m considering is using Nav Overlay even for desktops. It has a unique look and makes it very easy to navigate, even subpages. And a unique look for desktops.

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