Navigation Overlay question

I’m very interested In using the Navigation Overlay stack or the Slide stack for an alternative means of menu navigation. The Slide stack elegantly shows sub-pages. But as far as I can tell the Navigation Overlay stack does not. Are there plans to change this?

As far as I can tell the Slide stack is optimal for detailed menu structures (otherwise there’s a lot of extra white space) and the Navigation Overlay stack is optimal for simple menu structures. Is this a correct way of describing the two navigation options? (I’m leaving out the default menu nav.)

Okay, I do see the subpages are shown if you click on the relevant main page in Navigation Overlay. There wasn’t anything in documentation about this, and no obvious cue, but it does work very nicely and saves space.

Great reply - wrong topic :slight_smile: And now for the rest of these 20 characters.

Thanks. Just moved it to where I should have put it in the first place.

@mitchellm The Navigation Overlay stack, like the Navigation Bar, supports one parent-level and one child-level of navigation. The parent-level item should have an indicator arrow, but it appears it is not showing up. Looks like a bug. I’ll get it sorted out.

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Got it. Many thanks.