Navigation request

Been playing around with a couple of sites and im asking to see if the following options could be added in a future update.

  1. On the Slide Navigation can there
    A) be an option to add a logo and an area on the bottom for a small paragraph or/and social icons like in the Navigator theme.
    B) dark color content dim option.
    C) an option for the slide nav toogle to be fixed full width bar as in the Navigator theme

  2. On the Navigation Overlay, can there also be an area for the logo and area for text/social icons like in the Voyager theme

  3. SOLVED On the Navigation Bar, can it overlay when the banner is set to hero mode. Seen many sites with full browser height banner and a nav over it…can’t seem to get that layout at the moment


Have you paired the navigation with the banner?

hi, i did pair it with the hero banner but when i do that it bumps it down to the next section, so if i click the scroll down arrow the navigation comes up

Did you place the nav bar stack “in” the banner? And whcih of these settings do you have selected?

thank you!!! did not place it inside the banner.

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And,you can set the border and background colors to 0% transparency so just the text is visible over the image!

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Was playing with the slide nav, social stack and the sticky stack, would this be the correct way to recreate the Navigator theme? It seems to be working, i can replace the social icons with a logo as well, but would like some confirmation before i start building to find out there might be issues later, Thanks

Since Foundry allows a freeform layout, there’s not a wrong or right way to do things overall, as long as the layout works for you. While there are some things in Foundry I personally would do one way, that doesn’t make them right or wrong to someone else. I’ve looked through several others project files and seen them accomplish the same thing in a design that I would have done differently, but they both work just as intended.

I think this is the case with this layout too. I’ve never attempted this particular layout before. It looks good to me. You’ll have to test it in different browsers and on different devices and such, but that is all a part of web design. If it looks and works for you, then it is the right way! :slight_smile:

Also, as for your feature requests above – I’ve noted them down. Not all feature requests will make it into production of course, but I will keep them in mind. :+1: