Navigator Theme: Java Script Errors

Not an expert working to improve ranking of website:

Here’s my issue…

Using SEO-RX I’m getting errors for the location of the JS (see individual page SEO-RX report below).

Is there a way to move these JS down to before the closing ?? (See SEO-RX FAQ statement below)

I’m also getting multiple H1 headings when I’ve only created (1) H1.

Individaul Page SEO-RX Report

Description Details Priority
js in head. For optimal speed, the script “…/rw_common/plugins/stacks/jquery-2.2.4.min.js” should be loaded immediately before the closing body tag. High (-5pts)
js in head. For optimal speed, the script “files/stacks_page_page34.js” should be loaded immediately before the closing body tag. High (-5pts)
** Multiple H1 tags Multiple H1 tags where found. Each page should only contain 1 H1 (heading).

SEO-RX - FAQ Statement:
For optimum performance and page load, it is recommended that all of your external javascript (js) files are loaded before the closing </body> tag. If SEO Rx finds javascript files loaded in <head>, SEO Rx will report these files to you.

Error Description Points
js in head. For optimal speed, the javascript should be loaded immediately before the closing body tag. 5

In order to fix this, we recommend that you contact the developer of your RapidWeaver theme. The theme developer may be able to provide you with an update that loads your javascript resources in the closing </body> tag

That Javascript is inserted by Stacks, not the theme. That is not something that can be relocated.

Thanks for the quick response.

Do you have the theme for the page set to “Foundry”?

What stack are you using for your menu?


I just noticed this is in the Navigator theme section. With that said, I see you are using a lot of Foundry stacks on the page. @elixirgraphics are there issues using Foundry stacks with the Navigator theme?

@DLH and @pearson4

Foundry tools cannot be used in any theme expect for the Foundry theme that comes with your Foundry purchase. This is covered in the tutorials and documentation for Foundry.

@DLH and @elixirgraphics

Not really having any problems with Foundry (2.4.4) stacks in the Navigator theme. Actually, it’s been pretty good since I bought Foundry some time ago. I really don’t use the Navigator platform much (I think) as my pages are basically blank and built with Foundry and various stacks that are in my RW8. No Banners, Slogan,… 5 of the 10 theme toggles are checked.

Had no idea that foundry could only be used with Foundry themes.

Question: If I switch my entire site to use your Blank theme, will (or should) there be any issues? Of course, I’d do a full backup with the Navigator theme before the switch, just in case.

Not sure which direction I need to go…But I’m getting somewhere.

Using Foundry in anything but the provided Foundry theme will eventually cause you problems. Additionally some themes have a framework of sorts built-in. So I’m addition to the theme lacking some of necessary code for the Foundry tools, you may also be doubling up on unnecessary code as well by not using the provided theme.