NavPro feature request

Hi Everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone else out there could get a lot of use out of a slice feature in NavBar Pro? It would work just like the Slice option in the Card Stack. There are many times when I’m building a NavBar where I need the ability to put random stuff in the NavBar and using a slice would really come in handy.


Such a feature does sound nice. But such a feature comes with several problems as well. Allowing any stacks at all to be placed into such a confined area where space is already at a premium is the first problem.

I already regularly receive support problems from users who place too many navigation items in their navigation bars, which leads to problems. This would be compounded by adding a drop zone. Not only would horizontal space now be more of a problem, vertical space problems would come up too with users placing stacks into a navigation bar that would break it in that direction.

The above is just one problem. I can think of several more that would come up as well if practically stack could be inserted into a navigation bar.

It might be better to look at what you’re wanting to add to a navigation bar instead and go from there. Give me examples and we’ll analyze those.

If you are willing to experiment a bit (often with the Position or Overlap stack) there are ways to do most anything in terms of layouts. It’s just a case of what you want to do, and whether it’s a good idea in the first place.

If you can give an idea of what you want to do, I’m happy to see if I can think of a way to do it.

Thanks for the reply Adam, I figured that might be an issue, I was just dreaming and hoping…lol

If you give details of what you envisioned using the drop zone for perhaps we can analyze it for possible future features.


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