Need help using the Typeface stack

I’ve been searching this forum, trying to learn about how to use the TypeFace stack and I’m now even more confused! I can get my Header font to work OK, but my Base font never changes.
Georgia/Typeface 1
Verdana/Typeface 2

Headers Font: Typeface Stack/Typeface 1/Red
Base Font: Typeface Stack/Typeface 2/Black

I don’t understand about “hosting” fonts. Read a lot of exchanges in the forum but only got more confused.

Need some suggestions for reading about these issues, please…!

I’d start with the Typeface documentation page, if you haven’t already read through it. It’s got some good explanations and a few videos that may help you.

If you’ve done that and still have issues, then we’re probably going to need more information to help you.

I just created a new project, added a Stacks page, set the theme to Foundry, added Foundry (control center), Typeface, Header and Paragraph stacks to the page. I added two standard fonts to the Typeface stack: TF #1 typed in “Georgia” and TF #2 with “Verdana” entered.

When I change the header or base font settings in the Foundry stack to either TF #1 or TF #2, the font changes as it should in the Header and Paragraph stacks in preview…


The videos on Typeface made it really clear for me, back when I was getting started.

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Thanks for your suggestions, but I believe I’ve discovered my problem: I needed a lot of OPTION/COMMAND/V!!! I’m copying a lot of text from an existing site and that brought over formatting that I didn’t need! Something I’ve stumbled over in the past but had forgotten…

Yes, that would do it.

It’s one of those things that we could check pretty quickly with a link to a test page. That’s why I usually ask for one when trying to help.

Glad you’ve figured out the issue and are making some progress!

Two years in, and I still got caught out with that one a couple of weeks ago! :crazy_face:

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