Need help with Chat Widget in Foundry

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Thanks for the add on this forum it looks like a great place to share knowledge!

Ok so I have a new website at
This website was recently updated using the foundry theme. I also a third party chat service (Talk to) which uses a javascript widget to display the chat service on the home page.
When I inject the widget code into the head on my old site (built with RW7) it works fine. However when I inject the same code into the head on my new site (built with RW8 + Foundry) the widget no longer displays on the site. I am wondering if this is something specific to foundry and looking for suggestions please.

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Can you either share the code or give us a link to the Talk to service you’re using?


According to the instructions here: Adding a Widget to Your Website – it says it should go just before the </body> tag, which suggests it should go in the ‘Body’ section of your RW code

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Thank you for your help. I have tried inserting the code in the Prefix / Head and Body on the Home page using the page inspector. Also tried inserting the code via the main settings/ Code and nothing seems to work. On My old site which uses RW7 it is inserted in the Head and works perfectly. I’m baffled :frowning:

That is odd then. It does seem to be in the proper place when I look at the browser inspector. I might take it up with Tawk as well…