Need some advice on F3 best practices

I was wanting to get some opinions on when to use the Container Tool since it’s been reworked in F3. In F2 it was easily my most used stack, now I’m trying to figure out when I should use it. I like how you can set the Container Type and structure your website but I’m not sure how important that is. I’m tempted to continue to use it like I have been but I don’t want to add any unnecessary code to my pages. What do yawl think?

I was the same as you when I started testing F3. If you look at the examples that came with F3 you’ll see that the best combo and what I am using, is Spacer, max-width then whatever content you need. The container is handy for structure like you say but is also good for some of the settings like grid. There’s no right way though.


Container previously was really what Max-Width is now. If you used container previously you likely would just be using Max-width in it’s place. Like @Steve_J said there’s lots of ways to do everything in web design. If you look at the Starter Kits you’ll see how I use the tools for the most part.

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I use containers mostly to separate or group content semantically. I have not yet had a usecause for the other settings containers provide. But I can see them being very useful for fullscreen headers where you want to position your content using the flex options (align / justify content).

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That’s the way I was thinking about using it, just wasn’t sure how much extra code that would add vs just using Max-Width. Plus I love how the Container Tool has the little plus button that allows you to add other tools inside the container. I wish the Max-Width tool had that as well. Maybe that will get added in a future release… :sunglasses:

All of the tools have that little plus button — it is called Toolbox. :wink::wink:

:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I love the toolbox, I just like the way it works in the container a little better.

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Well I’d say position Toolbox at the bottom of the window then perhaps. I can’t be adding the same functionality to every tool duplicating functionality everywhere. Seems a bit much. I even still question also having it in Container.