Need some help with Menus


I thought I was doing great with Foundry until now… I have purchased Thunder Pack, Potion Pack, Mason and Carpenter…

I am using the “Mega Menu”… Where is the switch to turn on the Menu to show on all pages ? I only see it on the first page !!

Please advise
Ron from Canada

Not sure what you mean. Stacks is a page-by-page plugin. If you want a stack, like Mega Menu, on multiple pages you must place it on multiple pages. It works like any other stack.

One thing a lot of people do though it to put their navigation into a Stacks Partial and then place that partial on all of their pages. This allows you to edit one instance of the stack(s) inside the Partial and they update on any page that contains that Partial.

Partials are a part of Stacks itself and not Foundry. You can find a tutorial about using them on the YourHead Software website.

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Thanks… will look into it forsure !