Need to display a calendar on my Foundry site

Hi everyone… an absolutely CRITICAL feature that must exist on my website, is a calendar view of upcoming locations on X dates, that I will be offering my services… and it must be able to be clicked by the viewer, to take them to the BOOKINGS page for that particular location so that they can make appointments. My business can not function without this feature. To date, I have used Kalendar, Event Calendar, Datesnap etc… all stopped working and no support is available. Until today, ‘Event Calendar’ worked and was ok. Now it stopped too. I urgently need to sort this out as it is the only way a potential customer can see the many locations I service, and make a booking with me. Thank you.

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@fitnesskey , this is not really a Foundry issue. You may have betters solutions asking the RW community.

But maybe you can work you way around with Events Stack and put a link to your Bookings page in the Details section.


Thanks Hans :slight_smile: I appreciate that. Will have a look.

Its a pity the stacks you have tried are now not supported. I didn’t know that. When stacks don’t do the job I use the embeddable option. Here are some options but you probably know of most of them. One you may not have come across and could consider using is the elfsight calandar widget.

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Out of curiosity how has it stopped? I use it on several sites with links where appropriate. Maybe I’m not using the same options but it is working fine. I assume we’re talking about Rapidideas “Event Calendar”?

Based on what your requirements are I’d say you really need to be looking outside the RW community for a solution. Don’t get me wrong, RW is a brilliant platform for building websites, and some devs have worked out how to add excellent functionality like booking systems etc. but in my experience, these things always have a limited shelf life, as they almost always rely on external free services, and these free services either don’t stay free for long, or their API’s are ever-changing.

If your requirements are mission-critical, in that, without them your business can no longer operate, you need to stop looking to stacks and start looking to dedicated solutions, that perhaps can be embedded into a RW website.

Yes, this will add a cost. Perhaps just a one-off purchase or perhaps an ongoing monthly fee, but that is the price of doing business online nowadays.


Thanks Wirrah… sorry but for me it just didn’t populate with any information - I’ve now moved to an embedded Google Calendar - not my preference, but works at least. Wish I had kept screen shots or info.

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Thanks Boray! I’ll have a look through them soon. Really appreciate that. Google Calendar is working as embedded right now so that’s got me going. Still want a better solution, so cheers for suggestions.

Php jabbers have a lot of good stuff.
They have been around for ages and always update and maintain their scripts.
I haven’t used this one specifically, a bit pricey but looks ok.
There is a free one too but features are limited.
Quite easy to install.

I’ve been using Acuity scheduling for years and it works great.

Thanks mate - I also use it and although an excellent scheduling software, I need a single place where MANY locations within acuity scheduling can be displayed. I’ve not yet worked out how to do what I need with acuity despite being an intense user for many years myself.

Excellent - thanks so much - I’ll check it out!

Excellent - thanks so much - I’ll have a look mate - appreciate that.