Nested Tabs - Only one tab works

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I ideally want to have nested tabs - I’m building an ordering process, essentially, that how people make a couple decisions that lands them on specific items to buy (ecwid stacks used). The first tab with tabs inside works, but when I add content to the other tabs, the content will not render. Weird thing is, it was working for a while, but then just stopped randomly, and rapdiweaver restarts haven’t helped.

I see an older thread that makes mention of complex stacks not working well within Tabs . . . so if that’s the case, I’m kinda stuck. This has seemed like the best and only way to build the workflow I have in my head. Is anyone aware of another tabs-type stack that will function as expected?

You’re definitely nesting complex items within one another. Tabs within tabs within tabs does not seem to me, as someone who has been doing web design for quite some time, to be an intuitive way of organizing information. You’re likely to get users “lost” in the multiple nestings, even if it was to work.

The items you’re nesting need to see the space allotted to them when the page loads. This way they can measure up the space available to them. When they start within hidden content, like a tab, they think they have 0 space available to them and they act accordingly. My honest suggestion would be to organize it differently, or to find a tool more suited for the approach that might be designed with this workflow in mind. Tabs just isn’t built for what you’re trying to do.

Thank you - I did find that other tabs-like stacks out there support the functionality.

Sweet! Glad you found a solution that works for you. :+1::+1: