New blog post uploading a markdown file


I’m considering to use Alloy for my next blog design.
In addition to the Alloy’s excellent editor I would like to use a publishing workflow (particularly for drafts) which involves just editing md files directly in my site. It is something I’m used when writing from iPad with Vim within a SSH session.

Here my questions.

Reading the documentation I understood that Alloy stores posts in a specific folder.

If I upload a properly formatted markdown file to this folder does Alloy render it?

Do I need to use a specific YAML front matter?

Is there any documentation about it?


Hi there @Baleog

You can write and store Drafts and Future dated posts (for auto publishing) right inside the Alloy Editor.

In addition the Editor works quite well on an iPad – particularly in landscape mode.

The posts are Markdown files, but they do have specific YAML Front Matter as you allude to:


No, not any longer. There was in v1, which was all manually curated. And that documentation carried over to v2 as well.

In v3 I’ve not carried that documentation over as the vast majority of users only wish to use the Editor for publishing.

You can publish a few test posts to your server with all post fields filled out, which will then show you all of the available Front Matter.

One thing that you’ll find much harder to do is Future Dated posts. The future posts pull their timestamp for publishing from the file’s time stamp. You’d need to modify that timestamp on the server itself.

Hi @elixirgraphics, thanks for the quick and clear answers.

I’ll definitely give it a try.

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