New Computer - how to move Foundry

OK this is admittedly a NEWBIE question - at least from the Foundry standpoint. New Macbook pro scheduled to arrive this afternoon! What is the best way to “import” my Foundry projects as well as all the other RW related stuff.

Enjoy that new MacBook Pro. I know it has a new cable & I/O port, but Mac OS Sierra still has migration assistant available to help you bring your files from the old computer to the new doesn’t it? Or are you going to be very selective regarding what you want carried over to your new computer?

Hey - thanks for the reply. I am being very selective so I did not use migration assistant as I have in the past. It almost always leads to problems especially with pro apps (my video and recording software in particular). Trying to keep it “clean & mean”.

To move your sitefiles, zip them first then move and unzip on new disk.

To move your addons, I’d suggest moving them to a cloud (new in v.7 see video here:

Then, once you’ve moved them you can bring them back into your local disk (if you choose). I suggest using copy rather than move, so if anything goes awry, the originals will stay in the same place.

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Hey thanks - I had forgotten about the new selectable addons! Will give it a go.

Don’t forget to ‘deactivate’ your Rapidweaver license. It has caused me problems when my MacBook died suddenly.

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Thanks for the help guys! I am happy to report that everything went very smoothly. Just published an update to my blog and it went without a “hitch”. I have all my sites, as well as all my add-ons. By the way - I’m loving this new machine. I moved from a 2009 MacBook Pro so this is quite an improvement in speed and graphics! Only disappointment is the battery life is less than I expected - for my usage patterns about 6 hrs - not the claimed 10 hrs.