New Foundry site released into the wild

##Apollo Wales

This is a Foundry site I put together and based it off my P7 & P8 projects. The customer was initially attracted by P8 and it soon took shape really quickly.

It uses some BWD SectionsPro stacks and a few other BWD, S4S Graphics stack for warehoused images as well as FontPro for the Avenir inline font, but otherwise is all Foundry.


Looking really nice! Look forward to seeing more client work.

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Hi, the navbar is created with a Foundry stack?

The navigation appears to be the Foundry Navigation Bar stack wrapped in another stack which @webdeersign is using for the animated hiding effect.

Yes. It uses a Nav Bar in a BWD Pin stack to scroll it out of the way. A PaddyVis stack is used to show the Nav Bar above a breakpoint and then show the Nav Overlay below a breakpoint.

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Came out quite nice.

please, can you write the link page of RW store of each stacks used for hiding effects of the navbar?

The Pin stack is not listed in the RW Community. You can find it here:

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Don’t be put put off, but none of the BWD stacks are on the RW Community and you will find that many of the very best stacks do not appear there. Pin is one of the super clever stacks produced by Andrew at Big White Duck and like all of the BWD stacks, are free, but buying Andrew a “coffee” would be a good gesture. You will not find a more helpful member of the RW community than Andrew and his contribution to RW is immense.