New Foundry site

Fran Carter Hair and Make-up

This is a re-build of a site originally made using the Flood theme. That worked OK but there were several aspects of the site that weren’t up to scratch; and it also used the amazing (but horribly out of date) Ultimate Gallery stack from the now defunct WeaverAddons which was held together with Sellotape and bits of string.

So it’s been re-built with a few visual tweaks using all Foundry stacks apart from:

  • Elixir’s Timeline stack; no longer supported but still a great way of displaying certain kinds of content (hint, hint…)
  • 1LD’s IG Connect stack for Instagram
  • 1LD’s Siphon stack for the enquiry form

Site feels much more solid than before (especially on mobile) and client is extremely happy.

Fran Carter 2020


Nice site Rob, elegant and functional.
I regret that Elixir’s Timeline stack is not available. I would very much like to have it. :cry:


lovely site. Nice design.

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