New Foundry videos: what value-added is here?

Adam and others,

Apparently RW have made a Foundry series of tutorials:

It seems to me that Adam does a great job of creating screencasts. So what I’m wondering (if anyone knows) is what additional value do these other tutorials provide? Any thoughts or experiences?

I’ve yet to be able to watch the course. When they make it available to subscribers on the Community site I will give it a watch though and can then give you all an idea of what is included in the series.

Adam: Great. I look forward to your impressions.

As I get more time to watch through them I will update you all here. I’ve finished up the first video and it was quite well done! Ben covered the basics as well as building a navigation and a banner, as well as working with Foundry’s Control Center stack some.

The course is pretty promising so far. Ben takes the time to make sure you get the basics and is showing you how to build a sample site. It seems to be especially good for those that have not used a free-form framework before. I suspect people familiar with Foundry will pick up a few things they may not have known or used as well.

For me seeing it through someone else’s eyes is very interesting as well!

I’ll return to let you all know a little more after I’ve watched a few more videos.

As with the first lesson Ben continues to explain everything very well as he goes through the lessons. While looking at some of the settings he shows alternatives to how he is designing his pages and explains his choices. He also mentions some settings that people may or may not be aware of as he shows the progress of building his sample site.

He uses an extra Container stack at one point in lesson #2 that isn’t completely necessary, but honestly it doesn’t really matter or negatively affect anything. And that is just a very minor nitpick by me.

He also talks about responsive design and building a site in a responsive manner, which is really important to cover.

I’ve finished through lesson #3 and I am quite impressed. If you’re new to free-form frameworks or coming from another such tool for RapidWeaver, this video series is very good.

Also the videos themselves are really high quality and the audio is impeccable. Ben explains quite a lot as he builds out his sample app’s site.

Adam: Thanks for letting us know! Much appreciated.

No problem. I think it is a pretty good course. It will depend on your skill sets and skill level as to whether you personally get enough out of the course to warrant the cost or not I think.