New Foundry website to attract local business

I moved from Brussels (Belgium) to the south of France. To attract local business I built a new 3 language site in Foundry. Besides Foundry I use RWML Stack, Yuzools’ Booking 2 and Map Stacks, and Cartlooms’ Storefront Stack. Adam helped me out with a small issue, thanks again for that.

Feedback is welcomed,



Very nice :slight_smile: Perhaps you can align the buttons using the Equalize stack?

And since Adam improved the FormPro stack with a honeypot spam protection, I was able to get rid of these questions and still get no SPAM:

Perhaps this might work for you as well?

Hi Fuelleman,

Thanks for your tip. Equalized columns will look so much better. :+1:

The form was a bit of a point of frustration for me. At first I put in a form in per language, but that didn’t work. So I decided to make it an English/French version.

Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback a lot.


Yes, that is one reason why I use one project for each language. It is a bit more administrative work, but in my opinion the results are better for the customer in the end.

Absolutely right. My native language is Dutch, I live in a French speaking country and English is the international tongue. If I want to present myself, I must proof I can make a working website in different languages. I still have clients in Belgium which is a country where both Dutch and French is spoken…
The world can be complicated :grinning:

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@Panans Goede site, goed werk. Ik kom ook uit België, woonde in het zuiden van Spanje, ben nu naar Costa Rica verhuisd. Gebruikmakend van RW al vele jaren, en Foundry. Ik gebruik ook RWML en Booking 2 (maar nu slechte klantenservice van Yuzzol). Ik doe aan webdesign, IT y DMS. Blijf doorgaan met het goede werk :+1:

Dag Tino,
Leve het internet! Zo kunnen mensen zoals jij en ik werken van waar we willen.
Bedankt voor je vriendelijke woorden. Ik begon ooit met RW5, ik heb het niet meer los gelaten. Foundry is top voor mij. Stabiel en vriendelijk voor de stacks die ik in de loop der jaren verzamelde (en dat zijn er nogal wat). Ik ben ook benieuwd naar jouw site.

Succes in Costa Rica

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Really nice site design, just one thing i notice and it might be my end but scrolling on the first three sections causes the screen to judder (shack), It might be the images trying to load at the speed i scroll.

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Hi, thanks for checking out the site. I’ve noticed that the juddering only happens using Safari. It’s not the case when I open the site using Chrome or Firefox. I have no idea what’s causing this. I’m using Foundry’s Banner Stack with a parallax on scroll. I thought it had something to do with my rather slow internet. But now it seems you see it too :unamused:

Maybe something to dig in with @elixirgraphics.


I’m using Safari v15.1 in Monterey and I’m not seeing any sort of stuttering here. We don’t have all that fast of an internet connection here, either. It is pretty middling

Here’s what I see: CleanShot 2022-01-14 at 10.57.45 · CleanShot Cloud

I did peek at a few of your images… you seem to be quite large background images. Scaling those down some could likely decrease your file sizes.

Hi Adam,

thanks for checking. The background images are 1720 x 800 pixels and less or around 200 Kb. That’s acceptable for most internet connections.
It’s a one page website in 3 languages. I took it as a challenge to make it work, although the project is quite complex in edit mode. Still, couldn’t do it without Foundry :heart:


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I’ve just looked it over at home on my office systems and its pretty smooth. It might be anyone running it on older mac with Safari 13 or older. My shop computer was an old mac mini, and the file size being large might the that in conjunction with an old browser might have been the issue. Not many people have macs as old as mine these days.

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Mine is Safari 13 as well. Hang on my friend, you’re not alone :grinning: