New post fullscreen mode / nav blocked in Editor

Hi all,

Working on a new Alloy blog site and I’m testing layouts… noticed that fullscreen mode in the “new post” editor is obscured by my nav pro bar and I can’t seem to get a container or margin to adjust this.

Anyone else bump into this one?

Probably don’t need your site’s navigation on your Editor page right? Even if you do want it you could set it to be non-sticky on that page. For further suggestions we’d need to see your layout probably.

No Nav whatsoever on my Editor pages. It really needs to be a minimal page, to leave it free to do its magic.

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I use the Editor stack in a container. I then use padding settings on the container (top: 80; bottom:100).


Thank you @Panans, I tried that, IDK if its a version thing to not… the editor full screen appears to ignore it. I’m running the lates updates on stacks, RW, and Alloy v 3.

Ha! Thanks @Jacksona the nav bar is helpful even on the Editior screen for jumping to various pages, I’m hoping there is an easy fix here, I’m trying to maintain a design standard and deviating just because of this limitation doesn’t seem fair given what we expect RW to do.

Share your project file. It will help us see how you’ve laid things out. Without that we’re just shooting in the dark offering you random general suggestions.