New Potion Pack Multi Grid Project 13 now available


This has been an absolute joy to put together. I was initially reluctant to use Potion Pack because it meant only users withPotion Pack could use it. However, it became a no brainer decision as Potion Pack adds so much more. If you have Foundry but don’t have Potion yet, then check out Project 13 to see what’s in there. This is 100% Foundry + Potion pack and as a result it is fast to load, Edit, Preview and Publish. To build a site like this without Foundry + Potion results in a lot more stacks required.

There are a few different types of grid with different types of content that covers most combination. Also the Grids are modular and easy to add or reduce more columns to scale up or down with additional or less grid items.

Check out the iPhone slider which can also be configured to hold an image or content. The new Potion Overlap stack just slide the content up and over the iPhone image.

More details at