New Pre-Built Project: Ultimate

Hello friends, I’m really happy to release my newest Foundry Project file called “Ultimate”!

Ultimate is a multipurpose Foundry Project file for Agency, Startup, Business, Factory, Real Estate, Construction, Finance, Consulting, Cleaning Service or any type of business website. We have planned the UX very creatively so that you can easily put the design to your website. Just change your Text, Images and Colors and get your website. Everything is already made for you!

Hope you like it as much as I do :slight_smile:



Slick project file. Great job there.

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Thanks so much @webdeersign :slight_smile:

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Yes, great. The first time I see Pagination in action and see how to use it properly :slight_smile:


Yes, really good point. I also like how he used the SideSlide stack in conjunction with the pagination. Works really nicely!