New Project and a Wish

Hi Adam and RapWeavers,
as far as one may speak of »a web project being finished…« - done;-)
The whole Foundry-Family incl. T&P and some other little stackshelpers have their finger in the pie. Thanks to Adam!

Kunsthandel Georg Böhringer

More than 300 pictures (1400 px) are linked - often multiple - initially also in two file sizes (low&high), but later when I saw, that the »stacks_page_pageXX.css« files were growing, I let it go again.
And, there were moments, when I wished, I could use a database in the background (pictures.jpg/alt-text…).

Some days now we are online and the reputation by search-engines are ok&fine. I have discovered a few more errors, I am still experimenting - as iI said - ready only for the moment. So, the competitors do not sleep, the market is highly competitive and we do not advertise - just now. We’ll see…

And now - of course, your comments are welcome!!

One question to @adam. As you see in my attachment, I wonder if it is necessary to blow up these placeholders-armada with .pngs, jpgs and icons…? I can delete them all by hand, but with every clean FTP-update they march back into their folders. In this case, their are above 2,5 MB where the entire publishing file is above 14 MB… (including everything - excluding pictures).

I don’t count the 2.5 MB now, but every time I open the FTP-Window, I scroll past the same files and think, they can all fit nicely and only once in the rw_common folder - or at resources!? This would finely purge some folders;-)

Maybe this can be implemented one day - otherwise I work on new projects and enjoy the future-oriented development and the user-friendliness of Foundry.

Stay Well

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Hi Roger,
congrats. As for ‘but with every clean FTP-update they march back into their folders.’: RW does not delete images on your server. You have to clean your resources folder on the server yourself. Also make sure you delete non used images in your RW project resources.



These filler images cannot be condensed like you’re suggesting unfortunately. It just doesn’t work that way within the API.

I’ve requested a Edit / Preview only option for assets like these filler images, but that is not currently a part of the API. So until then, this is what it is.

Also, those images don’t get downloaded when your page loads, so they’re not doing anything to slow your site in any way.

Hi Hans,
thanks for your fast check and your appreciative words - no, it was enough to say one word, short and precise;-)

Designing websites and bringing them to life is it’s often a bit like cooking without a cookbook. Storyboard or not - we always try something new and then the menu sequence also gets a different touch. The indicator is then the approving smile of our guests, or just the corners of the mouth or a pleasant grunt!

So far, thanks - and yes, I know that RW doesn’t delete pics or anything else - only overwrite them or add them again into folders;-) I’ll be the wiper!

My approach was only about the frequency of identical files and of course it is correct as @adam pointed it out - they do not block the loading process. However - back in my kitchen - as a cook the aesthetic is also not unimportant, to get that short smile;-)


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