New Shutter gallery is not publishing, but old ones work fine

Hi everyone! I am having some issues with my Shutter gallery.

First some background really quick- I used this to create 2 separate web pages on my husband’s website in the past- they are still working just fine. I just tried to add a 3rd gallery page for the images from his third book and while it looks great in preview, it does not publish any of the images. There is just a grey empty bar beneath the header.


I am attaching a screenshot of what publishes. All three gallery pages are formatted the same.

All image file names have no spaces (they are numeric) or special characters and are jpg format. I even tried renaming the files with letters instead of numbers but that did not help. The images on the page that is not working are actually smaller than the image files on the pages that are.

I am using Shutter v 1.01 on all three gallery pages. You can see that shutter works GREAT on the other two gallery pages. Please tell me what I am doing wrong here.

Here is a link to the page that is not working- PLEASE NOTE- the images on this website are fine art photographs so there is some nudity. I don’t want to surprise or offend anyone. Santerineross III | John Santerineross

Thank you so much for your help- I am pulling my hair our here.

Not sure if this helps but there don’t appear to be any thumbnails available. It’s looking in your “III_files” folder.

Did you try a “republishing all” ?

I dropped them all in and see it in the preview. That’s odd… :thinking:

Here is where I dropped all the images (black circle in the upper right corner) This is the edit view:

And here is the preview view:

I have not, just clicked the “Publish” button. Let me try now.

Just republished all files. It is still not working. :confused:

Just double-checking – you’ve enabled Generate Thumbnails, correct?

I actually copied the “Dream” gallery and just changed the page info and images. That page works fine :woman_shrugging:

I have an older version of Rapidweaver than you I think but here is the thumbnail section. It is the same as the 2 galleries that are working fine. I am stumped!

Click on the main Shutter tool. That is where the checkbox is that I was referring to. Since you’re having it build the thumbnails for you, as shown in your screenshot, you also have to make sure you tell the Shutter parent tool to generate them, as seen in my screenshot.

If you need further help you can share your project file with us.

I don’t have the same settings as you it seems. When I click the Shutter tool, I only see what I sent. Let me take a better screenshot.

How do I send you the project file?

Looks like you’re still selected on one image, and not selected on the main parent tool

Ok well, clicking that REALLY broke it. I looked at the pages that are working properly and they do not have that box checked and the pages are beautiful and work great.

When I check the box, now my header is gone and I still have no images. I am going to cry.
This is it now: Santerineross III | John Santerineross

I am about to republish without the box checked so let me know when you see it please.

The “Dream” and “Fruit of the Secret God” gallery pages do NOT have that box checked. I literally copied the Dream page and just changed the name of the page and the images so all the settings are the same.

The preview looks GREAT… it is just not publishing correctly. :sob:

And you’ve checked that all images are JPGs, right? Not just that they have a .jpg extension, but that the files were saved as JPGs?

As for providing your project file –

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Yup All are jpgs in SRGB and each are 1.3MB

Provide a copy of your project file then and let us have a look.

Ok! Here is the link to the wetransfer zip file for

The galleries of “Fruit of the Secret God”, “Dream” and the video galleries using Shutter all work wonderfully. It is just "Santerineross III’ (III.php) that is not publishing correctly- but looks great in preview.

Thank you so much for your help- I am pulling my hair out here :pray:

Where you’ve gone wrong is the naming of your folders and pages.

CleanShot 2023-05-22 at 16.25.21@2x

By using a / as your folder name you’re dropping ALL FILES into the root folder. RW is asking for a folder NAME not a path. You want to give the folder name something that matches its contents. In this case you’d call the folder something like this as an example: santerineross

The FILENAME should always be index.

You’ve done this on several pages in your site.


After you get the folder and file naming fixed, you want to enable that checkbox to create the thumbnails, publish the page, and then go to the page and load it. It is at this point the thumbnails are generated. You then want to go back into RW and uncheck the create thumbnails options and publish the page again.

When that checkbox is enabled, it will regenerate the thumbnails each time the page is loaded. That slows down the page and is unnecessary most of the time. You only need to generate them when first published and when any images are added or changed. The rest of the time you want the page to load without generating the thumbnails.