New to Foundry - Carpenter and Mason templates not seeing stacks

I bought Foundry yesterday… and I understand that there will be a bit of a learning curve. I can’t seem to use all the premade templates with either Carpenter or Mason. For example, Carpenter banner 9 looks great, but it is unusable to me. I can add an Equalizer stack to my page, and create my own content, so that stack works. In Carpenter, there appears to be warnings for “Backdrop” and “Overlay” as the missing stacks, and with the Mason CTA there is just the warning that I get for all these unusable templates, which is, “This stack is not currently installed. You need to reinstall it to use it.” I’m assuming that there are two missing stacks from Foundry?

Carpenter and Mason templates do use some stacks form the Foundry add-on packs, like Potion and Thunder. This is listed under the “Requirements” section of the Mason and Carpenter template pages.

Stacks controls the information on which stacks are used/missing, not Foundry. I know that the RW API makes it hard for Stacks to know exactly which stacks are missing and it sometimes cannot list the missing stacks.


Perfect! They are in Potion… thanks! I will give that a try, see if it works.

Hallelujah, thanks for steering me in the right direction!