New to Mega Menu Stack

I am using Mega Menu for the first time and I am very pleased with how it works.:+1:
But I also encountered some things that I can not tweak the way I want and am asking for advice if / how I can do it better.

1. border when paired “bottom” / when stuck:
my settings currently are:

  • paired with parent banner "bottom
  • sticky navigation
  • using alternatives Colors when stuck

I want the menu to look differently in A) initial state and B) when turning to sticky.
switching to alternative Colors is working fine - but I would like to have different borders for each status:
“A” should be without borders
“B” should have 1px border only at the bottom.

Although I can choose a border color in “alternative colours when stuck”, the sticky menu doesn´t have a border at all? (even if I assign a border to “A”)…?!
Am I missing something?

I then tried to use the drop shadow to achieve some kind of bottom border effect.
But unfortunately the drop shadow shows in both: status A and B. It should only affect the sticky state.

2. padding/margin on mobile for “include button” option
I have a button in the menu aligned right, so it is the last entry on mobile menu.
In my point of view the button misses some bottom padding / margin at the end of the mobile menu.
is it possible to tweak this button via css to force some bottom spacing on mobile?

3. scrolling “drop zone content” in landscape format on mobile not working here
A big plus of the mega menu is the drop zone function! I noticed that scrolling the dropdown menu in landscape mode on my iPhone isn´t possible (while it is in portrait mode).

@elixirgraphics: I happily can send you the URL to the sandbox-version of the affected website via PM

Good morning @papart

So it isn’t that the things you’re wanting don’t work, it is that they are not features of the stack. They’d have to actually be a feature of the stack to not work.

Hi Adam,
thanks for your reply. I will surely find a workaround.

maybe the use-case as described deliver inspiration for further development (e.g.: if there is a border option why not a “detailed” option to define the border top/bottom, left/right?)

If I understand you correctly the issue described in point 3 is just the way it works?
mega menu drop downs are not scrollable in mobile landscape mode? But why is it working in portrait mode then… ?

Maybe so.

The problem is you’re using Sticky mode, which means it will not scroll, so you can not see the rest of the navigation. It is a choice you’ll need to make in this instance – large navigation or sticky navigation. You’re dealing with a small display and can only show so much at once.