New virtual assistant website

Stellar Solutions Virtual Assistant

First Foundry website. Only Foundry stacks apart from:

  • Paragraph Pro and Chroma Pro (BWD)
  • Stellar (animated starfield from Doobox)
  • Easy CMS (content management from Joe Workman)

Foundry’s a pleasure to use.



I like the site you created. Thanks for sharing.

The hamburger menu doesn’t work on my Samsung Note (using Chrome) though.

Just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for the headsup Peter. When you say it doesn’t work, can you tell me which Note you’re using and what the behaviour of the hamburger menu is?



Sure Rob,

I’m using a Note10+, Chrome app.

Hamburger menu doesn’t do anything at all.
Only once I managed to get the menu, at that time I couldn’t do anything else anymore.

The site seems to work fine, only no response whatsoever from the menu.

Best, Peter

I tried Firefox Focus. Same results.
While investigating I noticed what’s happening:
When you tap/touch on the menu it doesn’t work.
When you tap below, it does.

I wanted to include a video, but couldn’t upload.
Wait… I’ll try a workaround

Using Firefox Focus:
Check the video here

When using Chrome the behavior is even more strange:

Hi Peter, thanks so much for taking the trouble to do this. I see exactly what you mean. The hamburger seems to work fine when you scroll down on mobile and then tap it. It looks like it’s a setting I’ve messed up in Chroma Pro.

EDIT: I think it’s fixed now. I replaced Chroma Pro with Chroma and that seemed to work (although I had an intermittent problem with RW preview not reflecting the changes properly. I’ve re-tested on mobile and seems to be working OK.

Many thanks again.

No problem.

It’s working now indeed.

Glad that you found a way to solve it and I was able to assist.

Cheers, Peter

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