New website built with Foundry

John Sherry - Composer | Musician | Looper

A bit of a collaboration. John had built a site using Foundry that he wasn’t entirely happy with so reached out to see if anyone could help him improve it. John and I worked together to produce this site, made entirely with Foundry stacks, apart from Weavium’s Kalendar and Big White Duck’s Paragraph Pro.


Very nice site. Clean and simple. Interesting, because video on home is so similar to what my 18 y/o grandson does with himself playing multiple instruments.

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Nice site John. Well done. I built around 80% of this new site with Foundry:

The other 20% relates to Sitelok, another Forms system, Clean Menu and some minor stacks from other parties.

By the way I think Foundry is the best core RW website builder.


Nice site, Rob. Agree with what the others say, clean, simple and nothing detracts from the content. :+1:


I like the site and I like the music.