New WordPress Stack-additional information

I had an issue with self hosted Wordpress blog not showing the featured image on top of a blog post. So, I contacted Mike at yabdab and had a fix for that to me today. Also, there was an issue with the White screen of Death from the site on one of my sites, this update corrected that as well.

Great CS from Yabdab. This is a great addition to to the Rapidweaver community.

I have started using the new wordpress stack from Yabdab for my blogs and it is pretty cool so far. I am using for the content instead of a self hosted solution. You can also add wordpress pages to your site. Multiple instances of a single page mode can be placed on one page so that you can have a cms of sorts. There a ton of apps that support wordpress, such as MarsEdit, Byword and there is a MacOS app from WordPress as well as an iOS app for postiong.

Check it out.