Newbie: how to use glide and see only a section at a time?

Hi All

I thought a good way to show my art work would be to use glide. The buttons would name the work and clicking would go to my images and paragraphs. I need at least 10 of these buttons. I’m testing with 3. What happens is it goes to the correct part of the glide nav section, but the next section shows up at the bottom. I added some margins for a good look on the desktop, but that screws up tablet and phone… sorry to be such a beginner. I’ve tried watching as many instruction videos as I can.

And I’d like the navigation bar to stick to the top of the window, but turning on “sticky” doesn’t seem to do the job.



Hi there @JJHP3!

The Glide stack doesn’t work in that way. You could maybe make it work and get close by using the Margins stack to set separate margins for each breakpoint, but you’d still run into problems, honestly since that isn’t what Glide is designed to do.

The closest thing to what you’re looking for might be the Sections stack that comes in the Potion Pack addon for Foundry. I’m still not sure that it is 100% what you’re describing though, but it could be an option.

Thanks for the info. I thought, looking at the example online, that Glide was designed precisely for what I had in mind. It seems to work fine in the example, but I defer to your knowledge and will rethink and redesign my idea. Great program and excellent forum!


Glide isn’t setup to fill the browser or make sure just one section fits within the viewport at a time. It is made for navigating a page in waypoints. The content of each of those sections can be of any size – it all relies on your content. If that is what you are looking for then it is good for your project. That isn’t what I gleaned from your description though. If I misunderstood, then I apologize.

@JJHP3 Based on my understanding of your requirement above, you could achieve this by putting your contents inside a BWD SectionPro set to say 80% height for each chunk of content. What you are trying to do is quite complex in terms of deciding what and how to display your content on different sized devices but SectionsPro will give you all the control you need.

Thanks all for your prompt and helpful replies! I really appreciate you taking the time with someone like me new to the program and underlying concepts. I’m learning as a go. Foundry is what I have been looking for and it’s enjoyable to dig in.

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With Scroll To stacks nested in Sticky content I’ve been making my own Glide. Might work for what you want to do