Newbie: need to name pages?

I hope this forum is OK for this question. I have a 45 page site. First time with Rapidweaver/Stacks/Foundry. The inspector reveals that all pages are in their own folder labelled the page name, but the page inside the folder is named" index.html" for each folder. Should I go through and rename all the “index” pages to the name (“pageone.html” “pagetwo.html”)??

Steve_J replied to someone else recently, and that kind of helps, but the OP was talking about the home page, not all the pages.


It is good practice to name all of your pages index.html or .php as the need for the extension type applies to the page type.

OMG, don’t rename! Naming of lead file within each folder is actually correct.

There are times where folks need to switch from HTML to PHP pages. In those cases it’s important to delete the HTML version from their server area. I get around that issue by just making all my pages end in PHP. I have enough pages that NEED the php extension. That I know of there’s no problem with going for a default PHP extension even if PHP is not strictly needed.

To clarify. The file name in your page folder should be index.whatever. The page inspector is where the page name that describes that page

Thank you all again for such informative replies. So I just leave the default as is and let the system handle things. Good to know.