Newbie needs flowing text and photo help

Hi All. Is there a component which allows me to flexibly arrange text and image on a section of a page? I Use Tabs, and inside each tab I want to place text with images that I can move around, similar to what a word processors does, i.e. Pages. Any help appreciated!

Check out the Float tool: Float Documentation

Thanks - it works well but only 1 image per paragraph. I’ll try piling the floats one above another.

Another question, sorry: I am trying to use float inside of a tab component. There are 4 tabs. Whatever float material I put in say tab #3 shows up in all of the 4 tab’s content. Truly confused… thanks for any advice, John

Hi again @JJHP3 – Are you sure you’ve laid out the page correctly? I ask because I just built out a test using Tabs and the Foundry Float stack and all seems to be working as expected here. Here’s a short video showing it: CleanShot 2022-05-19 at 12.37.08 · CleanShot Cloud

Also here’s that test project file for download: - Droplr

It is hard to troubleshoot things from a screenshot alone (especially when I don’t see a Float stack in that screenshot at all). That’s why when I provided mine I also included a project file for you. If you do the same maybe myself or someone else on the forum can look at it for you.

Additionally, did the example project I sent you work ok?

Again, sorry. It seems more an issue with Tabs than Float. The math semantics page shows the problem of one tab showing up in the other tabs. Here’s two pages. Home works fine, other page has the problem. Thanks for any advice.
RW project

Unfortunately you sent me back the same project file I sent you. I need your project file. The one you’re having trouble with that contains the “math semantics page” you refer to.

ARGH - really sorry. I named my test file the same as you named yours… this should show the problem.
RW file

The items that appear in “all tabs” is because you’ve not placed that content in a tab, but instead below the Tabs stack:

Put that content in the tab you want it in and you’ll be good to go.

SO MANY thanks! What great support - I’ll try harder… John

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