No preview when sharing page

I want to share a page on Facebook, but when I paste the URL in my FB-post ,it doesn’t generate a preview of the page ? How can I solve this ?

Page I wanna share :

Hi Bart, ik heb niet het antwoord op jouw vragen maar juist jouw site bekeken en moet zeggen dat het er vrij goed uitziet. Met betaling methode, persoonlijke gegevens automatisch via je fb account invullen, enz. Mooie werk, doet zo verder.

I believe Facebook reads meta data you’ve added on your page to provide these ‘previews’ for your posts. You would need to add the appropriate meta data to your pages for this to be pulled in as a preview. I’m not a Facebook expert by any means, so maybe some of the Facebook experts can chime in. But I believe what you want to look into is Open Graph meta data.