No sticky menu color change in Partitions stack

OK, I know why the Nav Bar Pro won’t change colours in the stack but is there any way to force it when the main section scrolls up?

No, that is not a possibility. The sticky navigation color change triggers off of the browser scrolling, as it should, but Partitions if fixed positioned, so the browser never scrolls just the content within the individual partitioned off sections.

No problem, thought so.

I’m really enjoying v2, I have read some cruel remarks about v2 but when I look at examples of sites built by some other new frameworks I shudder at just how ‘clunky’ and god damn ugly they seem to have made them. They seem to have missed the whole point of RapidWeaver, that it is for people who don’t want (or know how to!) to code but still want to build good looking feature packed sites.

Thanks for producing Foundry v2, it’s keeping me entertained in lockdown here in NZ.

Partitions is definitely one of the “exception to the rule” sort of stacks. The thing that makes it unique is also what makes it not friendly to stacks that trigger off of, or monitor the scrolling behavior of the browser.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Foundry v2! I’m someone that knows how to code, and loves to do so, but I truly love building out pages for my own sites using RapidWeaver and Stacks. :smiley: